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Marketplace: Benefit & Challenges

What is a marketplace?

Marketplace is a platform where products or services from different vendors or providers are aggregated. 

It provides an infrastructure for the commerce making it easier for both sellers and buyers.

Why is a marketplace different than an e-commerce platform?

E-commerce platforms are usually operated by one vendor, where marketplaces aggregate multiple sellers in one platform.

What are some examples of marketplaces?










Just Eat



What are some of the benefits of being on a marketplace for vendors?

  • Reach to an existing customer base
  • Establish trust (through reviews and the platform’s name)
  • Eliminate the technical hurdles and costs, thus start quickly

What are the benefits of being on a marketplace for buyers?

  • Discover new products easily
  • Compare prices & specs
  • Trustworthy by default
  • Less time-consuming

What are the benefits of owning a marketplace?

  • Less “commerce operation
  • No sourcing and supply chain management
  • Once reached the critical mass, hard to take down
  • Less end-user contact

What types of marketplaces are there?

  • Price Comparison
  • Product/Service Aggregation with Redirection
  • Product/Service Aggregation with Shopping Cart

What are some revenue models for marketplaces?

  • CPA: Cost per Acquisition
  • CPC: Cost per Click (Redirection)
  • 3rd-Party Affiliate
  • Boosting the product/service
  • Promoting to the existing customer base (newsletter/social media/blog post/banner)

Business Challenges: Why attractive & Why difficult?

  • Chicken-egg problem: Need to satisfy supply and demand side
  • Once established very hard to stop
  • Technically challenging
  • Not using own data for services and products, less control over content

What are some technical challenges?

  • All ecommerce challenges+
  • Real-time inventory
  • Connecting to multiple systems with different API’s or XML/CSV files
  • Category matching
  • Attribute matching

Marketplace SEO/SEM Challenges

  • All ecommerce challenges+
  • Duplicate content (3rd-party-content)
  • Number of products per category/brand/filter -> instability in indexation and campaign management
  • Landing Page quality 
  • Google CPC vs Platform CPC/Commision
  • User experience flaws due to mismatching -> Bounce rate, time on site
  • Sorting algorithm

How to jumpstart?

Some options for jumpstarting a product marketplace:

  • Woocommerce
  • Magento
  • Nopcommerce
  • Custom code

Some options for jumpstarting a service marketplace:

  • Sharetribe
  • Cocoric0
  • Arcadier
  • Custom code

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