Wenn Sie messen können, können Sie auch optimieren.

Digitaler Erfolg ist kein Glück. Jedes Konversion, das Sie führen; ob es sich um einen Kauf oder einen Download handelt; einen Artikel bis zum Ende lesen oder ein Video bis zur Xten Sekunde anschauen: Sie müssen datengetrieben sein, Ihre frühen Besucher beobachten und die Hindernisse aus der gewünschten Konvertierungsrate entfernen.

Here is the story: no, it’s not magic

Data Enables Domination

At uberSEM, we remove the luck factor, identifying and getting rid of these obstacles. This alone increases your PPC campaign margins, helping you out-compete most of your competitors.

Let’s make a self-check:

What are your Adwords margins?

How many percent of your product/service price do you spend on Adwords?

Depending on your industry, if your answer is above 5% you are probably wasting some money. If it’s over 10% you are definitely wasting a lot of money.

At uberSEM, we lately decreased a client’s Cost per Purchase value from $110 to $28, which made them save more than $40.000 per month and we continue optimizing.

Our optimizations (on-page only) for another client led to 300% organic traffic increase just in 2 months.

Success costs you a lot of effort: A/B testing, funnel optimization, remarketing, retargeting, on-page optimization, PPC optimization, measuring every KPI daily, weekly and monthly and trying new things.

Good news is we love dealing with them, trying out new things every day.

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